Sunday, November 14, 2010

Faithful One

I wrote this song a few weeks ago in response to a request from my pastor. He sent me a list of scriptures, revolving around the them of hope, which he'll be preaching on for the next few months, and he asked me to start writing songs! This one came originally from Psalm 147:11. As I thought about the verse, I wanted to write a song that was full of praise for the riches of God's love, his faithful, unfailing love. We can have such confidence in his love, knowing that He who was, who is and who is to come, is love, and will always look on us with love.

(the recording is in E, but I frequently play it in D when leading this song at church)
Chorus: D G D A (x2) Bm7 G D A Em7 G A
Faithful One
We will hope in Your unfailing love
From the rising to the setting sun
We will hope in Jesus' name
You have never failed us

Verse: D Em7 G A
Rich in Compassion, lavish in love
Hope of the nations, beautiful God
Full of new mercy day after day
You come to save me, Lamb who was slain

Bridge: Bm7 A/C# G
And for eternity we'll sing this song
Our God is love, Our God is love
The One who was and is and is to come
Our God is love, Our God is love
Em7 A
Our God is love Our God is love

Ending: Em7 G (x3) Em7 G A D...
You have never failed us
You have never failed us
You will never fail us
You will never fail us

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